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Custom Golf NZ exclusive partner of USA
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Is Remote Control Golf Caddie Right for You ?

There are two main reasons for you to consider a Remote Control Golf cart trundler trolley and they both relate to how hilly your golf course is.

1. The “Remote Control” feature of these models allows you to adjust the speed and the direction of your golf caddie “remotely” thus eliminating the need for you to keep pace with your “trolley” or constantly adjust the speed of your “trolley”. The result is a more casual walk, particularly on very hilly courses.

2. When descending a steep incline, the Cart Tek Remote Control Caddies give you superior control. Simply depressing the “reverse” command keeps your caddy in a controlled descent. An Electric Trolley will not have this downhill assist as many of them function with one direction clutches which allow them to run out on a downhill slope.

Your remote controlled golf caddy is going to be spending most of its life out on its own, so consider Cart Tek’s superior frame strength, center of gravity and responsiveness.

If you have decided on a remote controlled golf cart, consider the following. If you plan to use your remote control golf caddy more than 120 times per year, you should consider a model that makes use of the Lithium Ion battery, as your battery replacement cost will be less. Not all remote control golf carts are the same, so if you would like the option of using your cart in trolley mode, you should consider the new GRi-1500Li.